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  • Burundi

    Where on Earth is Burundi? Surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi is a tiny, landlocked country in the Great Lakes region in Eastern Africa. Coffee is one of its chief...

    $5.99 - $14.99

  • Ethiopian

    Light roast: We roast our Ethiopian carefully to preserve the wonderful floral aroma and delicate flavors. Winey with hints of tea and lots of fruit. An extraordinary coffee experience! 

    $5.99 - $14.99

  • Kenya Kichwa

    Medium roast: Tons of body and complex flavor! From sweet fruit & citrus to a caramel finish. Cedar aromatics, lemon brightness, sweet with tart currant flavors. This Kenyan will delight!

    $5.99 - $14.99

  • Malawi

    Medium roast: Malawi is a small East-African country sandwiched between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. This coffee is produced in Mzuzu, the capitol of the country’s Northeast Region. Flavor notes include: Caramel, fruit, raisin, pine and molassis...

    $5.99 - $14.99

  • Tanzanian Peaberry

    Medium roast with cedar and cherry notes. This particular Tanzanian peaberry bean was grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, under the shade of banana trees at high altitude by small-holder farmers. Enjoy its dense flavor and aroma!...

    $5.99 - $14.99