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  • Burundi

    "Sweet, clean with tart citric acidity and smooth mouthfeel; citrus fruit flavors with floral, caramel and green tea." Roast Medium-Dark Region Sogestal Kayanza Co-Op Ruhinga Washing Station Variety Bourbon Altitude 1640 meters above sea Proc....

    $6.99 - $72.99

  • Congo

    "Raisin, coffee cherry, tomato, savory, caramel, tart and lively." Region Lake Kivu, Eastern Congo Farm Sopacdi Cooperative Variety Bourbon Derivatives Altitude 1460–2000 meters above sea Proc. Method Fully washed, sun dried

    $6.99 - $72.99

  • Ethiopia

      "Rich sweetness with tart winey acidity and a smooth delicate mouthfeel; lots of berry with floral and chocolate flavors." Roast Light Region Cheffe Elfeta, Limu Kosa, Oromia, Djimma Farm Various smallholder farmers Variety Heirloom...

    $6.99 - $72.99

  • Kenya

    "Sugar sweetness with tart fruit acidity and a heavy mouthfeel; cocoa, grapefruit & cedar flavors." Roast Medium Grade AB Farm Various smallholder farmers Variety Heirloom varieties Altitude 1400–1850 meters above sea Proc. Method Washed

    $6.99 - $72.99